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Showcasing how the Lord has worked through our church since 1954
January 3rd, 1954 – Founded
  • The Lord has worked in marvelous ways through Mineral Heights Baptist Church since the Ministry began January 3rd, 1954, when a group of people met at Wolfe Creek Community Center for the purpose of organizing a Bible-believing Baptist church.

    W.O. Majors and Bobby Nutt acted as moderators of the newly-organized church with 80 charter members A new building was built for the congregation on the corner of Wesley and Poplar Street in Greenville, Texas.
January 1954 – W.O. Majors accepted the call as Pastor
  • W.O. Majors was called as the first pastor of the Mineral Heights Baptist Church. Bro. Majors had moved to Greenville in 1925. W.O. & Mrs. Majors had four children: Oliver, Martha, Truett and Conway.

    Shortly after WWII was declared, Truett Majors, an Air Force pilot, was killed in the Philippines. A military installation in Greenville used to train Air Force personnel was named in honor of Truett-Majors Field. Truett was the first Hunt County serviceman killed in WWII. Greenville also named a baseball stadium after Truett-Majors Stadium. The stadium's front gate still remains today and is located on the east end of Lee Street.
1957 – Pastor Majors Retires
  • Bro. Majors continued as pastor until 1957 when he officially retired from the ministry. Under Bro. Major's direction, the church grew and established a missions program that exists to this day.

    From 1957 until 1969, the church had a total of six pastors: Joe Hebel, Jim Nance, J.O. Grooms, Don Spain, Raymond Bugg, and Joe Patterson. Joe Patterson began the bus ministry in 1967.
April 1969 – Pastor Power accepted the call as Pastor
  • In April 1969, Larkin Jackson Power was called as Pastor. Bro. Power served as pastor for 16 years until March 1985.

    In 1977, the congregation began to seriously consider building a new building.The decision was made to sell the Wesley property and purchase a larger section of land on Robin Road. Under the direction of Bro. Power, a new building was completed in early 1979. It was not long before the new auditorium was filled with converts and members.
May 1985 – Randall Langford accepted the call as Pastor
  • In May 1985, Randall  Langford was installed as Pastor. Under the direction of Pastor Langford, the church, as well as the bus ministry, flourished. In 1987, construction of the L.J. Power Family Life Center began. Pastor Langford continued as pastor until March 1994.
August 1994 – Brad Strand accepted the call as Pastor
  • In August 1994, Brad Strand was called as Pastor. Under the direction of Pastor Langford and the labor of Bro. Danny Gandy, the Family Life Center was completed in the fall of 1997. Also, in 1997, Mineral Heights Christian Academy was established. Pastor Strand continued as pastor until February 2001.
June 2001 – Daniel Williford accepted the call as Pastor
  • In June 2001, Daniel L. Williford accepted the call as Pastor.
    Pastor Williford continued as pastor until August 2008.
January 2005 –Southside Baptist Church joins with Mineral Heights Baptist Church
  • In January 2005, under the direction of Pastor Williford and Loren Everett, the members of the Southside Baptist Church felt led of the Lord to join with the members at Mineral Heights Baptist Church to form one congregation in order to more effectively reach their community with the Gospel message.
November 2008 – Mike Harrigan accepted the call as Pastor
  • In November 2008, Mike Harrigan was called as Pastor and led the church until November 2016.
June 2017 – Mike Pisney accepted the call as Pastor
  • In June 2017, Mike Pisney accepted the call as the Pastor of Mineral Heights Baptist Church.

    If you have been part of the Mineral Heights Baptist Church family for any amount of time, we want to say thank you! Thank you to those who have prayed, served, sacrificed, and contributed for the sake of advancing the work of God in Greenville, Texas!

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